Selling a Business

Sell Your Business… Quickly, Quietly and for the Best Price 

You are an expert at running and growing your business.  Selling a business, however, is a complex and time-consuming process, requiring a completely different set of skills and experience.

VMW Business Brokers have the skills and experience to attract quality buyers and successfully navigate the process of selling your business.  Working with the Certified Business Intermediaries at VMW Business Brokers allows you to maintain your focus on continuing to efficiently run your company, thereby protecting your valuable business asset, while we find just the right buyer… Quickly, Quietly and for the Best Price.

Not sure if this is the right time to sell your business?  We can help there too.  From analyzing the present value and marketability of your company to determining the most productive and cost-effective changes you can make to prepare your business for a future sale we provide you with the tools to make an informed decision. Whether your plans involve selling your business now or in the future, we can help.

How do you get started?   It’s easy.  Just call or email us today to arrange an initial consultation.  This meeting is without fee or obligation.  Of course, all communications will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Areas of Specialization Include:
1. Prepare our opinion of the Most Probable Selling Price for your business

2. Prepare and implement a professionally crafted marketing program

3. Qualify and work with buyers and their advisors while maintaining a strict focus on confidentiality

4. Negotiate terms of Offer to Purchase/Letter of Intent

5. Work with lenders to help facilitate financing

6. Work with all parties to help facilitate the Due Diligence process

7. Refer parties to outside advisors, when needed and at the appropriate time

8. Negotiate terms of agreements

9. Coordinate closing activities

Our 3 Step Process Maximizes Results

Step One:  Our Certified Business Intermediaries will analyze your business to determine a) our opinion of the Most Probable Selling Price b) the most likely deal structure and financing scenarios c) what buyer type will likely see the highest value in your business. This process provides you, the business owner, with the information you need to proceed with confidence, and provides the team at VMW Business Brokers the information needed to build a targeted and effective marketing strategy.

Step Two:  A comprehensive marketing package is then prepared, custom designed for your business, which outlines the opportunity presented and the true benefits of owning the business.  We have a key understanding of what buyers look for, and if confidentiality is a concern, we can present this information in a format that allows buyers to determine if this is an opportunity that may meet their acquisition needs before exposing the identity of the business.  Our preparation prior to marketing also expedites the due diligence process after a Letter of Intent or an Offer to Purchase is received.

Step Three:  After properly analyzing and preparing your business for sale, we bring your business to market; this phase begins by instituting our Customized Marketing Program.  We screen all inquiries and qualify prospective buyers for the available resources and business acumen that will enable a successful transfer of the company while maintaining a strict focus on confidentiality.  We educate and guide both buyers and sellers throughout the complex process of due diligence and closing.

Beginning with the initial consultation and analysis stages, through planning, marketing, negotiating, due diligence and closing, we guide the process and keep the transaction “On Track.”

Whereas many business brokerage firms handling small business transactions simply list your business on the internet, our valuation and preparation stages prior to marketing your business for sale results in maximizing the selling price, while protecting confidentiality and minimizing the time on the market.

Call today with any questions you may have about the process.  Be assured; all communications will be held in the strictest confidence.